Samsung working on a power bank supporting 25W wired charging over PD

A new Samsung-branded power bank just passed through FCC, and the documentation reveals quite a bit of information. The most notable feature of the power bank is that it supports 25W fast charging over the USB Power Delivery standard.

With the Galaxy Note10-series, Samsung finally introduced some form of fast charging to its phones. The handsets can juice at 25W and 45W and now Samsung is making it easier by releasing a 10,000 mAh power bank capped at 25W output. The photo uploaded on FCC's website reveals two USB-C ports - perhaps one is for charging the bank and the other is for output. Or both of them can be used for either of those things. But since there are only USB-C connectors, the bank can probably be charged at 25W too.

Additionally, the picture shows a wireless charging pad too, but we doubt it would go beyond 15W speeds. And it's unclear when the bank would be released, although February release alongside the Galaxy S11-series is likely. Or why not during the 2020 CES?


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